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All Roads is the creator and operator of the
Authica Learning Management System.

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Are you the owner or in charge of a small to medium-sized business?

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Do you have 10 to 5,000 employees
or stakeholders?

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Do you have a myriad of systems in place to store, organize and teach your employees how to fulfil their roles to your expectations?

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Do you have employees or sub-contractors/agents working from home or from other locations otherwise remote from you?

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Are your policies, processes and everyday corporate knowledge stored in your employees’ heads?

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Are spreadsheets, documents, videos or policy manuals sitting attached to emails in vast numbers of their inbox folders?

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Are documents spread around the hard drives of tens or hundreds of their desktops/laptops?

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If a key employee goes down is your organization, would it negatively impact your business?

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We facilitate your organization’s success in having a secure, always accessible resource for your employees or other constituents to get the knowledge you need them to have to do their jobs.

Authica helps you solve these common questions and problems, and to centralize your knowledge in a secure logged-in portal set-up as you need it to be, with control in the hands you choose and secure access for all from anywhere with connectivity.

The Authica platform helps you take the pain out of managing your corporate knowledge and ensuring its transfer to your employees, sub-contractors, agents or other constituents. We help you get the right knowledge into the right hands, get your team(s) on the same page wherever they are, and realize the productivity gains you need to manage and grow your organization.

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Your knowledge is precious.


The success of your business depends on its ability to manage and transfer knowledge.

Tailor your system to be what you need it to be… from a full-blown Learning Management System (LMS) with quizzes, exams, courses, gamification and points....right on down to a simple, secure and organized medium where your employees or customers can at any time find the answers they need on the fly.

Your branding, your content and your system settings ensures Authica will be an invaluable management tool for you, your organization and your employees/constituents.

With its knowledge under control, your business or organization will have:

  • The certainty that each stakeholder group has access to everything you want and need them to know.
  • The ability to have a complete view of which groups, departments or individuals have learned the materials...or not.
  • The ability to present different content and formats to different User Groups and Locations defined by you.
  • Permanent, private, logged-in repositories of knowledge accessible 24/7 to your team(s) to help manage your operations and lookup knowledge and guidance when they need it fast.
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