! make it easy for people to do business with you.

How I can make it easy for people
to do business with you...

Icon Identity

The right image for your business

  • I design (or redesign) a logo that truly represents your business and will look good in print and on screen
  • I design and print your stationery, consistent with your brand
  • I develop brochures and other print collateral that really explain and inspire
  • I design effective sales presentations that will grab your audience

Icon Online Tools

Effective online tools

  • I create your fast-loading, mobile friendly website
  • I maintain and update your existing website
  • I add e-commerce to your website to sell online
  • I develop online forms to get the right information from your clients and prospects
  • I help you send weekly or monthly promos to your clients with email campaigns

Icon Get Noticed

Get noticed in the crowd

  • I design clear and noticeable online ads, distribute and track them with Google Ads
  • I optimize your site (SEO) to rank higher on Google Search
  • I design striking print ads for newspaper, magazine and program books
  • I promote your brand in public with ads in bus shelters posters, bench ads and billboards
  • I attract people to your store with window signage
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