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Ideum was created in 1992 by Alain Cloutier
and is based in Newmarket, Ontario.

I love what I do and do it well, for over 30 years now.

I've been fortunate enough to work on a very wide range of cool projects in 6 languages for clients in Canada, US, Mexico, Brazil, UK, France, Germany and China.

I work with copywriters, translators, photographers, and database programmers to bring more complex projects to completion.

Over the years, I worked on technical illustrations, Point of Purchase displays, packaging, identity design and redesign, advertising, signage, interactive kiosks, icons design, web development, email marketing, corporate presentations and more.

I bring that passion and experience on every project I work on.

Give me a call at 905.392.1969 and let's chat about your new project!


Je parle aussi français!

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